Alliance GA Mark

Alliance GA Mark

Alliance Provides GA-MARK as below fields:

GA-MARK is global perfect symbol for organization that they can prove their ability to our approved bodies in below scheme:

• Organization and Management:

Every organization has its own network of stakeholders: employees, shareholders, suppliers, customers, the general public, and many others.
In order to manage stakeholder relations effectively, it is essential to highlight the qualities and achievements of your organization.
The GA-Mark series for organizations presents an opportunity to accomplish exactly this task. By selecting the most appropriate marks, you can boost your reputation among stakeholders.

• Consumer Quality Mark:

The decisive factor in the success or failure of companies is the quality of their products. No matter how innovative and creative the marketing and communication strategies of a company may be, at the end of the day, potential buyers want products to meet or exceed their expectations.
These expectations are high, without exception: manufacturers and retailers are required to adopt standards in many areas, including safety, consistency, and sustainability. Moreover, they expect the production process to be transparent, in such a way that the product can be traced back to clearly identifiable suppliers. Our range of GA-Marks for Products takes into account the scale and diversity of these expectations, and provides solutions for every link in the supply chain. We perform product inspection, validation and certification.

• Green Environment and Energy Label:

A green company is a company that succeeds in minimizing its negative impact upon the environment. As global warming continues apace and becomes an increasingly “hot” topic amongst world governments, many companies are doing their part to become more environmentally responsible. In such a situation, company managers need to know the effects of products manufactured in their company upon the environment. Managers must find ways to distinguish themselves from competitors by offering products and services that conform to ecological standards. Would you like to show the world that you care? The GA-Mark offers third-party confirmation of your eco-friendliness, based upon an on-site assessment.

The GA-Mark for Certified Green Company:
1. Provides third-party confirmation of minimal impact
2. Documents measures to reduce impact
3. Builds upon EMS(Environment Management Standard/Energy Management Standard)
4. Can be used to improve the reputation of a company

• Social Responsibility and Diversity Label:

Corporate social responsibility is more than just a buzzword. The term refers to the insight that ethical behavior for companies has a positive impact on business results. The various GC-Mark audit programs have been designed to help you demonstrate your commitment to ethical business practices. Third party assurance by a certification body considerably increases the credibility of your sustainability claims. During an on-site audit, our assessors will verify whether your organization meets the criteria of the applicable international standards in order to qualify as a socially responsible company. After a successful audit, the label can be used to enhance trust among all stakeholders.

• Customer Service and Relationship Mark:

The Customer Service GA-Marks are targeted directly at consumers of everyday goods and services, and present an opportunity to boost your reputation among the general public. Through on-site audits, we perform validation and certification of quality management systems.

• Health and Safety Label:

In common-law jurisdictions, employers have a common law duty to take reasonable care of the safety of their employees. Statute law may in addition impose other general duties, introduce specific duties, and create government bodies with powers to regulate workplace safety issues: details of this vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. All organizations have the duty to ensure that employees and any other person who may be affected by the organization’s activities remain safe at all times.

• Hotels, Restaurant and Catering Label:

In an age where customers have grown increasingly demanding, good is no longer good enough. Visitors also expect hotels to be clean, safe, and sustainable – and rightly so.
With the GA-Mark Series for Hotels, Restaurants and Catering, you have the opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to quality, hygiene, safety and sustainability.
Customers will enjoy their stay, in the knowledge that high standards are set and adhered to in your hotel. Display your very own GC-Mark on your website, on the walls of your hotel, or anywhere you want: it is the token of a safe haven.

• IT Business and Security Label:

The GA-Mark program offers various assessment schemes for the security and reliability of IT services and infrastructure. In an industry sector where trust is a crucial asset, third party audits are a valuable tool to foster trust among business partners. During an on-site audit, our assessors will verify whether your organization meets the criteria of the applicable international standards. After a successful audit, the label can be used as a sign of excellence.

Please download GA-MARK brochure, application form and select your suitable Mark based on your organization performance & mission.