Alliance GMS AWARD

Excellence Award of Global Management Standard

This is the highest prestige award system given to corporations and organizations to implement the formation of the global standard management system, pursue the satisfaction of global customers. And provide global standard products and services.

System overview:

Targeting the corporations that have implemented the global standard management system in the domestic industries, it is an award system for the world’s best corporations, organizations, and contributors divided into the various theme management section, innovation product section, and special awards section, and these are awarded through a strictly fair multilevel process involving onsite inspection based on the global standard management system award appraisal indices developed by Alliance/ARIS and North America’s best management system expert groups.

Purpose of Establishment:

  •   Grading of Alliance customers and identification of bests
  •    Encourage customers
  •    Customer’s system improvement
  •   Benchmarking , learning and improvement
Awards Features:

  •  Management commitment
  •  Construction of global customer satisfaction management system
  •  Performance of processes
  • Effectiveness of internal audits
  •   Risk Reduction and improvement
  •   Management standards system capability
  •    System Performance, measurement, analysis and improvement
  •   Effective documented information
  •   Personnel’s competency

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